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23rd Psalm for Genealogists
L.D. Buckner
2002 Trip

In mid-September 2013, I planned a trip to central Kentucky with my sisters, mother and cousin Jane-Ann. We wanted to visit cousins and see sites of places where our grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents and others had lived. Trips to see our cousins are always magical and memorable, and we were all excited about making this journey.

I have made this trip many times before, but a special trip in 1981 with my Grandma Clark launched me on a never-ending quest to learn more about our family history.

On our 2013 trip, we revisited many of the places Grandma showed me, including several old cemeteries. Jane-Ann said she was "good for one cemetery visit, and then I turn into Ruby." I understood this to mean one cemetery visit per every six hours.... For my part, I agreed not to tear any boards from old houses or barns.*

On the following pages is an account of our 2013 trip with some photos taken during this trip and earlier ones. I hope you enjoy this virtual visit as much as we did the actual trip.

Molly Daniel

* I did not promise that I wouldn't pick up rocks, though.

Ethel Bunnymore
Original art by Jane-Ann Bertels, depiciting Ethel Bunnymore's "genealogy road trip" with her relatives Berta P. Bunnyaunt, Molly Bunnytel, A. Bunny-Munchkin and S. Bunny-Munchkin. (If you can't find Ethel, she's over there on the right -- apparently done in by one too many cemetery visits!)



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