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23rd Psalm for Genealogists
L.D. Buckner
2002 Trip
Sulphur Well - the Lighthouse Restaurant

We didn’t spend long in Greensburg since we had agreed to meet Mary Katherine and Julie at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Sulphur Well at 11:30 am (Central time.) We drove that direction (route 70 out of Greensburg in the direction of Edmonton), but we were unable to resist stopping to photograph a wagonload of harvested tobacco and a tobacco barn on the Edmonton-Greensburg Road, probably at the Pruitt residence across the road from where Cousin Larry Prentice Clark had lived until just this month.

Wagon load of harvested tobacco
Wagon load of harvested tobacco

The lunch at Sulphur Well received rave reviews, particularly the coleslaw and the fresh tomatoes. Other dishes brought to our table (served family-style and all-you-can-eat) were fried catfish, fried chicken, country ham, stewed potatoes, lima beans, fried apples, green beans, red-eye gravy, biscuits and cornbread.

Plate of fresh tomatoes
Family style service at Sulphur Well restaurant

We enjoyed our visit with Mary K. and Julie, and afterward we went across the road to take photos in the park and to taste the water from the sulfur spring (ugh.) They told us that just recently -- within a few years -- the Little Barren River flood waters had surged over the bridge and washed away much of the infrastructure along the river banks (i.e. picnic shelter, walkways, hand rails), all of which was rebuilt only recently.

Cousins at Sulphur Well
Cousins at Sulphur Well: Jane, Mary K., Annis, Roberta. In front Molly and Julie.


Sulphur Well store and restaurant
The general store and restaurant at Sulpur Well, KY


Jane at Sulphur Well store
Jane relaxes at the Sulphur Well general store


Little Barren River at Sulphur Well
Little Barren River at Sulphur Well


Spring water from the sulfur well
There's a reason this place is called Sulphur Well. Just a drop of the spring water on the tip of your tongue will clarify any doubt.



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