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23rd Psalm for Genealogists
L.D. Buckner
2002 Trip


As we climbed into the car, Ramona encouraged us to follow her back to Larry Prentice's farm, where Colton was eager to show us his chickens. That was a delightful adventure! Colton was a perfect host as he showed us around, and it was clear from his running commentary that he is a responsible and inquisitive young man. He was so sweet when we asked him if we might have a couple of tobacco sticks to take back to Illinois, "You can have the whole wagon load if you want." (We took only two.) Knowing that Colton was supposed to get home so he could get ready for an evening church event, we eventually had to part. He was good enough to let us give him a hug before we left.

Colton raises chickens and helps his dad, Larry Prentice, with the farm work

Our next objective was a rock-hunting trip to Greasy Creek, where Annis managed to fish out a perfect stone on her first try. We drove slowly past Cousin Bernita's house as we approached Exie, wanting to deliver a farewell hug before we left Green County, but since we didn't see her car in the drive, we knew she had joined a birthday celebration for her granddaughter Lee Ann (Jerry and Corinne's daughter.)

It had been a full day and we had been going since early morning. When we got back to the hotel, Annis and I went for a short swim in the pool, Mom and Sara ordered a pizza for delivery, and Jane-Ann hiked next door to the grocery store for some carry-out salads. It wasn't long before we were all tucked into bed and fast asleep.

The Illinois branch of the Clarks has been traveling back to visit their cousins in Kentucky for many years. This photo appears to be from about 1934. From the collection of Mary Hamilton Clark.

According to Carlos Clark, persons in the photo are as follows -- back row: Beckham Clark, Zilpha Clark, Eleanor Clark. Second row: Rollin (Jack) Clark, Ralph Clark, Elsie Clark, Robert Clark, Mary Hamilton Clark. Third row (top step): Ruby Clark holding unidentified baby, Levert Clark, and unidentified girl. Fourth row (bottom step): Mildred Clark on left, Alberta Clark on the right. Location of the photo is in Kentucky, but it is not known whose house. (Alternatively, girl identified as Mildred Clark could be Mary Lou Clark.)

1981 - Back, from left: Beckham, Wayne, Jimmat. Front: George and Robert.

Eleanor Clark (photo from H.S. Clark collection, ca. 1952)

From H.S. Clark's photo collection - he loved his cousins!

1981 - the trip where Grandma sent me up to the porch full of "strangers," and they told me that I must be Robert's youngest. From left: Joann (Nell's daughter), Jean, Joey (behind Jean), Richard, Isobel, Grandma (Mary Lula), and Wayne. Cousin Maggie is seated in front, with Mary Ann behind her.

1982 - Richard Clark family. From left, back row: Wayne, Joey, Garnett, Richard. Front: Doug, Becky (holding her daughter), Mary Ann and Jean.

Richard, Jean and family
July 2002 - Jean, Wayne, Richard, Larry and Joey Clark

1982 - Cousin Wayne and Jimmat

Cousin Elsie and "Tobacco blossom" quilt
Cousin Elsie and a quilt she made - quilt pattern is called "tobacco blossom" (2001 photo)

Mary Ann and her daughter, Whitney
Cousin Mary Ann and her daughter Whitney (2001 photo)

Richard and Jean and grandson Cody
Cousin Richard and Jean and their grandson, Cody (2001 photo)

Bernita and Willard
Cousin Bernita, cooking my breakfast. Cousin Willard peeking in the cupboard behind her (2001 photo)

Cousin Bill and Elsie
Cousin Bill Clark and Cousin Elsie Jones (2001)

Exie Volunteer Fire Department Benefit Auction 2001
Exie Volunteer Fire Department Benefit Auction - Cousin Larry Prentice is holding up a toy tractor, trying to get me to wave at him. (2001 photo)


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