A Trip to Kentucky -- 8

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Joe and Maggie's.jpg (26093 bytes)

wb00475_.gif (505 bytes)Pasture and home site where Joe and Maggie Clark once lived.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)The "burgoo car" heads down the road toward Cousin Pansy's house.

Burgoo car on tobacco road.jpg (34909 bytes)
Cousin Joe's.jpg (31962 bytes)

wb00475_.gif (505 bytes)Tobacco field in the foreground near the old home where Joe and Maggie Clark once lived.

Maggie's newest great-granddaughter (Mildred's daughter) is named Maggie Bell.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)From left: Jean Clark, Wayne Allen Clark, Richard Clark, Larry Clark and Joey Clark.

Clarks at Richard's.jpg (36046 bytes)
Martha at the home place.jpg (40273 bytes)

wb00475_.gif (505 bytes) Martha in the yard of Aunt Anna and Uncle Herschel's home, also known as the home place.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)Tobacco fields are nearly ready for harvest.

Martha in tobacco field.jpg (32341 bytes)

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