A Trip to Kentucky -- 7

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Bernita.jpg (24996 bytes)

wb00475_.gif (505 bytes)Bernita Clark Rogers.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)Willard Clark and his friend, Ann Johnson.

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wb00475_.gif (505 bytes)Billie and Rupert Bagby.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)Ramona Murrell -- soon to be a grandmother!

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wb00475_.gif (505 bytes)Rita Lee Clark Lobb.


wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)General store at Sulphur Well. We had dinner next door at the Lighthouse Restaurant and dined, family style, on creamed potatoes, lima beans, fried apples, country ham, red-eye gravy, cole slaw, catfish, green beans and biscuits. Afterward, Willard insisted that we try the water from the springs at Sulphur Well (email me if you must have a sample -- first come, first served, while supplies last).

Store at Sulphur Well.jpg (29266 bytes)

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