A Trip to Kentucky -- 6

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Remarkable Clarks 2.jpg (31879 bytes)

wb00475_.gif (505 bytes)Bob, Mandy, Bud and Mel.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)Bud Clark allows Martha to test the sharpness of a knife which belonged to William Clark.

William Clark's knife.jpg (34348 bytes)
Martha Mary K. Cassaday and Molly.jpg (30257 bytes)

wb00475_.gif (505 bytes)Martha, Mary K. Cassaday (our cousin in Edmonton, KY) and Molly.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)Photographic portrait of Edward Hamilton.

Edward Hamilton in frame.jpg (38626 bytes)
John T. Hamilton in frame.jpg (46561 bytes)

wb00475_.gif (505 bytes) John T. Hamilton.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)Rachel Cornelia (Connie) Royse Hamilton.

Rachel Cornelia Royse.jpg (31235 bytes)

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