A Trip to Kentucky -- 3

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Gen GRC with Martha and Molly.jpg (29837 bytes)

wb00475_.gif (505 bytes) Martha Clark, Capt. William Clark (Craig Rockwell), and Molly Daniel.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)Reenactor explains the use of various tools among the Native Americans. Indian reenactor.jpg (15292 bytes)
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wb00475_.gif (505 bytes)The reenactor explains how the stone hammer, an all-purpose tool and weapon, is made by securing a shaped stone to a long wooden handle with rawhide.

wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)Among the items in the military camp is the soldier's manual and rulebook, Order and Discipline among the Troops.

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wb00475_.gif (505 bytes)Oil painting at Locust Grove, depicting the leadership of Revolutionary War hero General George Rogers Clark, brother of the explorer William Clark, as he urges his men forward through icy floodwaters toward the British fort at Vincennes.



Historian and scholar Dr. Clay Jenkinson provided intriguing insights into the character of Capt. Meriwether Lewis in his Chautauqua-style reenactment of the explorer's account of the Corps of Discovery's journey west.wb00476_.gif (509 bytes)

Dr. Jenkinson has produced several publications related to the Expedition and hopes to release a monograph in February 2003 entitled The Burden of Being Clark.

Best of all, he accompanies tour groups along the trail and adds a dimension of enthusiasm and knowledge rarely matched by other Lewis and Clark historians. If you want to book a tour, visit the web site for Odyssey Tours at http://www.hibek.com/ and tell them Martha and Molly sent you.

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