Packing List

My packing list was organized by how it was carried to our starting point and during the trip. That is, because of weight restrictions, some items could not be put in the bike bag. Other items were things I wanted during flight. Because we planned to return to our starting point in Meaux, we were able to leave our bike bags, suitcases and a fresh change of clothing at the hotel there. So this list seems to duplicate some items, but I compiled this this way because I needed a checklist to make sure key items ended up where they were supposed to when we departed from Meaux on our bikes.

In carry-on (backpack) or personal item (sport sack) on plane:
iPad & iPhone, cables, power supplies
Noise-cancelling headphones
Travel documents (passport, tickets)
ID and money
Plug adapters for France
Extra camera battery
Backup lithium battery power supply
Neck pillow
French phrase book
Fanny pack & sport bag
Helmet, bike glasses & gloves

On the bike & in the Jet Pack:
2 water bottles
Frame pump
Bungee cords
Roll of blue tape
Rags and 1 set nitrile gloves
Packed in the Front handlebar bag (in suitcase)
Bike computer
Bento box
Helmet lights
Swiss army knife
1 pr gloves
Emergency meds
Front headlight and battery pack
Power cable to charge for headlight & helmet light
Three additional coin batteries
Headband camp light
Duct tape/electrical tape
First aid kit

For packing in panniers or wearing on bike (in suitcase):
Map holder and maps
Tube repair kit -- one tube, levers, 2 CO2 cartridges
1 extra tube
Camera, charger, iPad adapter
Lube, rag and patch kit
Bike shoes
Bike shorts - 3 pair
Short-sleeve jerseys (3)
Socks (3 pair)
Bike tights (summer version)
Arm warmers
Leg warmers
Toe covers
Long-sleeve tech shirts (2)
Short-sleeve tech shirts (2)
Rain jacket

In panniers (suitcase) for off-bike wear:
Street shorts (2 pair)
Capri pants
Fleece pullover
Travel undies
PJs/sleep shirt
Street shoes & cushy socks
Camp towel
Meds, contact lenses
Charger for headlight (packed in handlebar bag)
USB plug and cable for helmet light (packed in hbb)
Reserve battery for USB devices (packed in carry-on)
AAA batteries for taillight
Bike lock
Spare plastic bags
Extra rearview mirror
Cable ties
Tools - needle nose, torque tool, pedal wrench, hex tool*, screwdriver with star tip*
* carry on the bike trip (others stay in Meaux)

For leaving in Meaux:
Noise-cancelling headphones
Neck pillow
Sleeping shirt
Clean undies
Clean wash cloths (3)
Travel clothes & Keen leather shoes
Pedal wrench
Torque tool
Needle nose
Carry-on backpack