Hamilton Family Bibles

With Family Names and Dates Recorded Inside

Old Bible
Family Bible which records information for the John T. Hamilton and Theodocia J. Walker / Rachel Cornelia (Connie) Royse families of Adair County and Metcalfe County, KY.  I refer to this as "Bible 1."       

Recently, some very kind cousins entrusted me with a couple of very old family Bibles which relate to the Hamilton families of Adair and Metcalfe Counties, KY. I have created this page in order to share information recorded inside these precious volumes because the persons whose births, deaths and marriages are documented here probably have dozens if not hundreds of living descendants.     

After making digital images and otherwise recording the information in the books, I am taking steps to safely store them for future generations. You can use the links at the top of this page to explore additional images for each of the Bibles or browse information on three generations of the family tree. If you have additional questions about the Bibles or the families whose lives are documented in them, you can contact me via email at babeofoldky (at) outlook (dot) com. (I write it that way in hopes that I can reduce the amount of junk mail I receive from "bots.")  

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Order a Book

In 2018, at the request of my cousin Mary Katherine Cassaday, I produced a printed book with the family tree and stories about the Hamilton, Clark and associated families. For more information about the book and how you can purchase a single or multiple copies, go to this link:

Visit a Library

Alternatively, one can consult the book, Babe of Old Kentucky, by Molly Daniel, at one of the following libraries, to which I donated copies: Metcalfe County Public Library, the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center, and the Greensburg Public Library.