Bible 1 - John T. Hamilton Family  

Spouses: Theodocia Jane Walker and Rachel Cornelia (Connie) Royse 

old Bible
"Bible 1" records information for the family of John Talbert Hamilton 

Bible 1 has a hard cover with some padding. Both covers have come loose from the spine. The dimensions of the Bible are 10" x 3.5" x 13.5".

Entries in the Bible indicate that it probably belonged to the family of John T. Hamilton of Edmonton, KY.

opane pages Bible
"Bible 1" - the covers have become detached from the spine and many of the pages at the front of the book are gone.

There is no indication of the printing date for the Bible. Many of the first pages are missing. Some pages which have become detached from the spine have been reinserted elsewhere in the book. Some of those pages are fragments.

open Bible
"Bible 1"  - there is no writing on the inside cover 

piece inserted between pages
"Bible 1" - inserted between some pages

Inserted in the book is a "certificate" on the "Bank of Prosperity," with the printed date of January 1, 1911, payable to Deering Hamilton for "Three Hundred and Sixty-five Happy Days."

old Bible
"Bible 1" - closer view of the certificate inserted between pages.

backside of the certificate
"Bible 1"- the backside of the certificate

In five different places in this Bible are locks of hair. One lock is tied with a string and the others are loose. The color of the hair ranges from a sandy blonde to a medium brown, and one sample is a swirled collection of rather long, fine hair.

locks of hair
"Bible 1" contains locks of hair between the pages in five different places.
locks of hair
"Bible 1" a second location of locks of hair
locks of hair
A third place where hair is saved - this sample is very fine hair.
lock of hair
A fourth place with a lock of hair. This is the only one that was tied with a string.
locks of hair
A fifth place where locks of hair are saved. This sample appears to be very fine hair perhaps from an older person.

The book included a marriage certificate, as is common for many Bibles, but this page is not filled out with any information. The certificate is pre-printed with banks to be completed for the date "in the year of our Lord 18 --."

blank marriage certificate
"Bible 1" - include a form for a marriage certificate, but there is no information entered.

A certificate page for a "Family Temperance Pledge" provides a form for persons to sign, but there is no information entered on this page.

Family Temperance Pledge form
"Bible 1" - a form for a Family Temperance Pledge remains blank.

On two facing pages with a heading of "Family Record" are written the following names, place of birth, date of birth, date of marriage and date of death. The information is reproduced here below as written, including spellings and abbreviations. Blank fields had no written entry.


Place of Birth

Date of Birth

Date of Marriage

Date of Death

John Talbert Hamilton

Metcalf co Ky

May 11th 1858

Dec 2nd 1880 & 18 Oct 1893


Theododosia Jane

Adair co "

" 23rd 1860

Dec 2nd 1880

Nov 4th 1892

Bertha Irene Hamilton

"   "   "

March 29th 1884

Nov. 28th 1907


Edward Lee Hamilton

"   "   "

Jan 18th 1886

Feb 5th, 1911

April 20 – 1918

Vera Inez Hamilton

"   "   "

" 5th 1891

Feb 3rd, 1910


Ora Bell Hamilton

"   "   "

July 5th 1892


Dec 1st 1892

Rachel Connie Hamilton

"   "   "

Oct 21st 1873

Oct 18th 1893


James Talbert Hamilton

"   "   "

Sept 12th 1894



John Deering Hamilton

"   "   "

Oct 29th 1895



Frank Royse Hamilton

"   "   "

Feb 1st 1897

Dec 5th 1918


Mary Lula Hamilton

"   "   "

Dec 5th 1898

Jan 10 – 1918


Cary Virginia Hamilton

"   "   "

May 27th 1900



Cecil Katherine Hamilton

"   "   "

Oct 21th 1906

Feb 17, 1933


Paul Ray &
Richie Hamilton


July 17th 1980


Richie Aug 3rd 1980

Paul Ray Hamilton


July 17th 1980


Feb 17, 1924

It is not known in whose handwriting the entries of the family record are made, and it appears that not all of the information is from the same handwriting. For example, the date of marriage for "Cecil Katherine Hamilton" appears to be written in a different hand, and is the latest entry made in the record.

From the entries made in the family record, we can assume that this Bible was in the hands of the John T. Hamilton family of Adair and Metcalfe Counties, Kentucky. John was married first to Theodosia Walker, and after her death, to Rachel Cornelia (Connie) Hamilton. John and Connie Hamilton are my great-grandparents.

The names and dates are corroborated by other records, with the exception of the spelling of the name "Theodosia," who was also as Dosia or Docie. The person who wrote her name in the record in the Bible inserted some extra letters.

The middle name of John and James, "Talbert," is spelled differently in various records (e.g., Tabot, Tolbert, Talbot), and James used the spelling "Tolbert" in his adult life.

Family Record - left side
"Bible 1" - left side of two facing pages with the family record (click on this image for a high-resolution version)
right side of facing pages of family record
"Bible 1" - the right side of the two facing pages of the family record. Click on this image for a high-resolution version.

On a page with the heading "Memorandum" are recorded deaths of these family members (information reproduced as written):

Edward Hamilton was borne May 23rd 1918 & Deceased this life March 9thy 1883.

Malinda Susan Cox, Wife of Edward Hamilton Born June 4th 1821 and Deceased this Life June 8th 1904.

John R. Royse born July 1st 1832 Deceased this life June 25th 1910.

a death record
"Bible 1" - the death record. Click on this image for a high-resolution version.

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In 2018, at the request of my cousin Mary Katherine Cassaday, I produced a printed book with the family tree and stories about the Hamilton, Clark and associated families. For more information about the book and how you can purchase a single or multiple copies, go to this link.

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Alternatively, one can consult the book, Babe of Old Kentucky, by Molly Daniel, at one of the following libraries, to which I donated copies: Metcalfe County Public Library, the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center, and the Greensburg Public Library.