Bible 2 - Edward Hamilton Family

Wife: Malinda Susan Cox

Bible 2 - probably belonged to Malinda Susan Cox and Edward Hamilton.
"Bible 2" - probably belonged to the Edward Hamilton family from Adair County, KY

This book has a cardboard cover with no padding. Both covers are detached from the spine. The dimension of the Bible are 9.5" x 2" x 11.5". There is no indication of the printing date of the Bible, and the initial pages (frontispiece, etc.) are missing.

The entries in the Bible indicate that it probably belonged to the family of Edward and Malinda Hamilton of Adair County, KY.

Inside the front cover, in faint pencil is written:

Some illegible text
Large, scroll-like initials "J.R.R."

It is not clear to whom initials "J.R.R." written inside the front cover refer, but they are the same initials of the father of Rachel Cornelia Royse, wife of John Talbert Hamilton.

At the bottom, upside down, is written "Malinda Hamilton ... her Bible ... 25-1860." Perhaps this was a Christmas present given to her in that year?

old Bible
"Bible 2" - Most of the front pages are missing.

old Bible
"Bible 2" - Faint pencil writing appears inside the front cover. Click on this image for a high-resolution version.

On a page with the heading "Parents' Record," the following information is recorded (reproduced here as written, including spelling and punctuation):

Father. Edward Hamilton was born may the 23 in the year 1819, died March 9, 1883. Edward Hamilton and Malinda Cox was maried October the 20 in the year 1841.

Mother. Malinda Cox Hamilton was born June 4, 1822. Malinda Hamilton Died June 8th 1904.

a parents record
"Bible 2" - a record of the parents' information. Click on this image for a high-resolution version.

On a page with a decorative box and the heading "Births" is written the following information:
[note: this information is repeated with additional detail on the facing page]

Mary Jane Hamilton was born October the 24 in the year 1842
James Alfred Hamilton was born august the 9 in the year 1848.
Hamilton was born February the 1 in the year 1845
Vergina Hamilton was born march the 23 in the year 1848
William Walker Hamilton was born february the 8 in the year 1852
Manda Caldona Hamilton was born april 12 in the year 1855

Across the top of this page is written:

John Talbot Hamilton was born april the 11 in the year 1858

Below the decorative element at the top but above the heading "Births" is written:

H. E. Hamilton B. July 24, 1875

Along the left margin is written:
John Tolbot Hamilton was born april the 11 in the year 1858

chidren's record - left side of facing pages
"Bible 2" - a record of the children - this information is repeated on the facing page (next image) in a more legible form. Click on this image for a high-resolution version.

The information for the childrens' birth records is repeated on the facing page.

children's record - right side of facing pages
"Bible 2" - children's record - the right side of two facing pages, repeating the information from the left side in a more legible form. Click on this image for a high-resolution version.

The parents' names, dates of birth and death are corroborated by other documents. Malinda Cox's middle name is recorded in some documents as Susan. Her grave marker bears the name "Malinda S. Hamilton."

The names of the children born to Edward and Malinda are as recorded in the Bible, with some minor spelling exceptions:

Mary Jane (marred Charles H. English)
James Alfred (records indicate the date of his death as March 26, 1929)
Melvina Allen (married Nat G. Bell)
Lynetta Virginia (married Junius Beebe; her death certificate gives Nov 10, 1932 as the date of her death)
William Walker
Amanda Caledonia (married Noah G. Traylor, was known as Callie; her death certificate records the date of her death as January 31, 1923, quite a difference from the date recorded in the Bible)
John Talbert (It is not known for certain if he had a preferred spelling of his middle name. Where his signature appears on documents, it is generally written simply "J.T. Hamilton.")
Roberta Rachel (died at age 3)
Edward Fayette (known as "Fay" or "Fayette")

On the first listing of births appears an "H.E. Hamilton," born July 24, 1875. This is Hiram Edward Hamilton, the son of William Walker Hamilton and Mary Bell Royse. Generally known as Edward, he was the half-brother of Lucian Hamilton and Carlos Hamilton (died as an infant).

On a page with a decorative box and the heading "Deaths" is written the following information:

Mary Jane English formly mary Jane Hamilton decese this life august the 28 in year 1862
Rachel Roberta Hamilton decese this life September the 3 in the year 1863
Edward Hamilton Deceaced this life March the 8. 1883
W. W. Hamilton, D. Aug. 15, 1888.
Melvinie Aallen Bell formly Hamilton Died July 26 – 1924
Manda Caldona Traylor died Feb. 12, 1923
Gyneta Virginia Beebe died Nov. 9, 1932
James Alfred Hamilton died Mar. 1929

death records
"Bible 2" - A record of family deaths. Click on the image for a high-resolution version.

Inside the back cover, is faintly written in pencil: "Miss Callie Hamilton" and other mostly illegible writing.

inside the back cover
"Bible 2" - Inside the back cover. Click on the image for a high-resolution version.

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