Self-supported bicycle trip in

The Netherlands - 2023


Packing List

Several days before our trip, we reviewed our packing list from a prior trip and began making adjustments. For this trip, the weather conditions promise to be consistently cooler and perhaps wetter and windier, so we are packing items to cope with those conditions.

Then we started gathering the stuff and double-checking the list. Our bikes are already packed in a separate bag, but due to weight restrictions as well as the design of the bag/bike, we are unable to include some items in the bike back. That is, the rack, fenders, pedals, saddles and tools have to be carried in another bag. As we start assembling the items that we'll carry in our panniers each day on the ride, we have to make sure that they can all fit in the piece of luggage which is also carrying these other things - and not go over the weight limit.

Packing List
Carry-on bag: Checked luggage: Patch kit & nitrile gloves
iPad, iPhone, cables and charger plug Saddle Ziplok bags
Laptop, USB drives with Garmin files, etc Pedals Clothesline & pins
Plug adapter for EU Fenders Extra helmet mirror
Passport, tickets Rack Cable ties
ID and money Panniers First Aid kit
Lithium battery Handelbar bag Cue sheets & holder
Eyeglasses Dry sack Tube repair kit
Helmet & helmet light Bike computer Lube
Taillight Garmin Edge Spoke repair kit
Bike shoes and toe covers Power strip Bike glasses & beanies
Toothbrush Pocket knife Buff
Toiletries Hanky LS jerseys (2)
Bungee cord Gloves SS jersey (1)
Doorstop Arm warmers Socks (3)
  Bike lock Sport bras (2)
Bike bag: Meds Tights (lightwt & winter)
Bike Coin batteries Wool base layer top
2 water bottles Headband light Rain jacket
Frame pump Clickstand LS tech shirts (2)
Rags and nitrile gloves Duct tape & eletrical tape SS tech shirt (1)
Bungee cordFanny pack
Long pants (off-bike) (2)Laundry soap
Fleece pulloverCamp towel
Street shoesAlcohol gel
Sunscreen Contact lenses
Z-Block & Carmex Chamois butter
Flask Tools
  Bike shorts (1)  

All the stuff that must be packed

All the items that must go in the panniers or are otherwise carried on the bike

packed in packing cubes

I use packing cubes to help organize and compress the stuff

Packed in panniers and one dry sack

All my items packed in panniers and one dry sack - just to make sure it will all fit

stuff in suitcases

The contents of the panniers were then taken out and repacked in the suitcase and carry-on bag. The suitcase, which we call "the Barney bag", also includes the rack, fenders, bike saddle and pedals from my bike, plus my handlebar bag and some tools.

Suitcases and bike bags

Each of us has one suitcase, one bike bag and one carry-on piece (not shown)

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