Molly on the Main

We're going on a bike ride!

This year, Steve and I thought it would be fun to visit some familiar places on our bicycle trip, so we have planned a trip to Germany.

We are taking our own bicycles and planning a ride along the River Main. Our trip will start in Frankfurt, from where we will take the train to Bayreuth, a place in Bavaria where we lived more than 25 years ago.

The vacation starts now!

Today, we have spent the day taking care of household chores and starting to pack. The biggest job is cleaning the bicycles, breaking them down and packing them into the bags in which they will travel.

The goal is to get this ...

Inside this...

So that it looks like this...Progress!

Another day of preparations - we did some serious packing today. Working from our packing list of a previous trip in 2017, we started gathering the stuff we need, making adjustments for a possibly cooler/rainier forecast for this year's ride. It is difficult to prepare for everything and yet comply with airline's weight limit on the baggage - not to mention that we will be carrying much of this stuff with us for several days.

Gotta get it all in this bag first....

Steve tries to limit his packing list to just the esssentials.

Hey, wait! This is our vacation. We reject the packing stress. Time to enjoy some coffee.

Click here for more information about our route, planning for the trip, and our packing list.

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