Molly on the Main

Day 16 - Saturday, June 8

The day after we returned with our bicycles to our Frankfurt hotel, we slept a little later and enjoyed a leisurely start to the day. Friends who live on the other side of the city had invited us for an afternoon and evening at their house, and we agreed on a time when Volker would come retrieve us and drive back to their place. This gave us the remainder of the morning to break down our bicycles and pack them in their carrying cases.

When that was finished, we showered and cleaned the grease off our hands and were ready at the hotel entrance when Volker arrived. He had some difficulty finding the entrance due to a lack of signs at the correct entry point, and after making several tries, he finally just sent us a text to meet him in a different location, and that plan was successful.

The remainder of the day and the start of the evening was spent in thoroughly relaxing and convivial hours with our friends, Volker and Beate. We shared stories of adventures in travel, cuisine, science, gardening, wine, etc. It was the perfect end to a very pleasant journey along the Main. On the ride back to our hotel, we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset with a glimpse of the mountains in the distance north of the city.

Back at the hotel, Steve and I did a little packing so we would be ready for our departure in the morning.

Molly removes the brake rotor on her bike

Removing a brake rotor

Putting the bikes back in their travel bags

putting them back in the bags

Digitalis in Beate's garden

Digitalis in Beate's garden

A nice beer in Volker and Beate's garden

a fine beer

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