Erie Canalway Trail

Tues - Aug 24

Aug 24 - departed Buffalo around 9 am. Paused and looked at the canal ruins before making our official start. Today’s highlights were: urban riding, detours, map reading, friendly and helpful people, scenery of the Peace Bridge, the Niagara River, looking across to Canada, gulls sitting on railings on the river bank.

Meeting oncoming cyclists was helpful in getting tips for the route ahead, and each time, they were very friendly and interested in where we started and how far we are going.

We met two cyclists in Tonawanda who helped us locate a lunch option after we had passed the very few places that were available and open at a Tonawanda intersection. They rode with us for a short ways and showed us a street with a 7-11 and other options.

We stopped for ice cream at Uncle G’s and it was a lot of ice cream. Great trail from the outskirts of Tonawanda all the way to Lockport.

In Lockport, we went first to the Flight of Five locks on the canal in the center of downtown. Impressive 19th century locks used today as a spillway, and a modern lock with the current boat traffic. The Flight of Five helps drop/raise the boats 60 feet.

Nice hotel - Lockport Inn and Suites - but no washing machine or dryer, so we did our laundry in the sink and hung it on a chair in the sun to dry.

For dinner, we ordered a hibachi chicken dinner and a shrimp tempura roll from Steak Stone and Sushi and had it delivered.

Today’s total miles were 38.09.

Commercial Slip

Commercial slip - the end point of the Erie Canal in Buffalo


Molly's bike, beside some canal ruins at the starting point in Buffalo

Start of the ride

Molly and Steve, at the ride starting point in Buffalo

Molly at the start of the Erie Canal ride

Molly, at the start of the Erie Canal ride

O Canada

O Canada!

Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge crosses the Niagara River between the U.S. and Canada

Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad was a network that assisted former enslaved persons in reaching places of safety and freedom

Shoreline Trail

The Shoreline Trail along the Niagara River north of Buffalo

in Tonawanda

Steve, in Tonawanda

two cones

Molly, with ice cream cones at Uncle G's in Pendleton

the lockkeepers

Molly with the lockkeepers in Lockport

Flight of Five

Flight of Five locks in Lockport

Flight of Five

Old photo of the Flight of Five as they appeared around 1825 in Lockport, raising/lowering boats 60 feet

Flight of Five

The north side of the Flight of Five locks, which was orginally a dual channel. The old locks were retained on the north side, and newer locks installed on the south side

Aug 22 and 23 - Getting to the starting point
Aug 24 - Buffalo to Lockport
Aug 25 - Lockport to Brockport
Aug 26 - Brockport to Palmyra
Aug 27 - Palmyra to Weedsport
Aug 28 - Weedsport to Syracuse
Aug 29 - Syracuse to Rome
Aug 30 - Rome to Little Falls
Aug 31 - Little Falls to Amsterdam
Sep 1 - Amsterdam to Albany
Sep 2 - Albany

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