Erie Canalway Trail

Sun - Aug 22 and Mon - Aug 23

Aug 22 - We made a 9.5 hour drive from Charleston. We got away around 10 am and arrived in Buffalo at 8:45 pm (lost an hour because of time zone change)

We checked into the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Buffalo, and went to Ballyhoo for a late meal. They have house-made sausages, and Steve ordered a steak sausage for himself and a lamb sausage for me.

Aug 23 - We were up at 6 am and in the car by 7:05, driving from Buffalo and to Rensselaer (Albany), where we parked the car and caught an Amtrak train (#281) back to Buffalo. On the way to Albany, we passed through the remnants of hurricane Henri and saw glimpses of sights we’ll see again in the coming week.

On Amtrak, we napped and had a lunch of salads and wine. The conductor showed where bicycles are accommodated on #281 (one per car). Other trains might have other arrangements, e.g. #49 from Albany to Buffalo has the hooks from which up to 5 or 6 bikes can be hung, without having to remove the front wheels. We arrived back in Buffalo around 6:45, and walked a short distance to the hotel (about 2 blocks). We each organized our packing and checked our bikes over.

For dinner, we walked to Swannie House (2nd oldest pub in Buffalo). We had buffalo wings, beer/wine and a salad. Great wings, but we couldn’t eat them all.

We walked back to the hotel under a nearly full moon, passing by the arena which is home to the Buffalo Sabres hockey team. We went to bed around 10:30.


On Amtrak, riding back to Buffalo

at the station

Arriving at Exchange Street Station in Buffalo

hotel room

Getting organized, in our hotel room

grain elevators

Grain elevators in Buffalo, painted like a six-pack of beer cans. Interesting note: grain elevators were invented in Buffalo, when dockloaders sought a faster method of unloading grain from the canal barges.

Aug 22 and 23 - Getting to the starting point
Aug 24 - Buffalo to Lockport
Aug 25 - Lockport to Brockport
Aug 26 - Brockport to Palmyra
Aug 27 - Palmyra to Weedsport
Aug 28 - Weedsport to Syracuse
Aug 29 - Syracuse to Rome
Aug 30 - Rome to Little Falls
Aug 31 - Little Falls to Amsterdam
Sep 1 - Amsterdam to Albany
Sep 2 - Albany

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