Mom and the Girls' Trip to Ireland - 2016

Beyond the Pale



May 22

After leaving Tara, we headed off to Dublin and located our hotel. The drive in to the city was not so bad, and we had excellent assistance in unloading the car and getting checked in to our rooms. Sara and I then took the car to the airport, returned it to Hertz with no complications, and we caught a bus back in to the city. The most difficult part of that trip was navigating our way from the Trinity Center bus stop back to our hotel, the Trinity City Hotel. We stumbled across the bronze figure of Molly Malone, took a couple of photos, then located a map to get us directed the right way to our hotel.

Molly Malone

Molly Malone

Trinity City Hotel

Trinity City Hotel, Dublin

We were back at the hotel by about 7:30 or 8:00 p.m., and we all decided to go down to the restaurant and have a light supper. We found a cozy spot in the bar and ordered a selection of appetizers, a "sharing plate" of hummus, tapenade, and bread, and a plate of cheeses. Mom got a chocolate mousse dessert and a cup of decaf coffee, Annis ordered a glass of wine, and I got a Guinness. Martha and Sara, who are both battling that persistent cough and runny nose opted to drink lots of water. We shared all around the table and declared it was just the thing we needed to end our day.

Appetizer plate, Trinity City Hotel, Dublin

Sharing plate - our dinner on Sunday night

Tomorrow, we'll have breakfast and head down the street to see the Book of Kells, and then I believe we'll ride one of the hop-on-hop-off buses around the city (but we'll just stay on it to make the entire circuit so Mom won't have to deboard but once and we'll still get to see a lot.)

Mom is doing well -- said she didn't have any aches but we gave her an Advil anyway. Her foot looks a little less swollen each day and looks better today than I have seen it so far.

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