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John Swift and sisters

John C. Swift and his sisters: from left to right - Bridget Swift Quinn, Mary Swift, and half-sister Margaret Duggan (daughter of Thomas Swift and Bridget Fahy; she married Thomas Duggan).

Their brother, Martin Swift, died in 1907.

John Swift and sisters

John Swift and his sisters.

From left to right:
Mary Swift ("Little Aunt Mary"), Bridget Swift Quinn, Margaret Swift Duggan, John C. Swift.

This photo was made sometime before 27 Apr 1911 (when Margaret died) and 15 Feb 1919 (when John died.) Bridget and Little Aunt Mary died in 1920.

John C. Swift
John C. Swift
John C. Swift
John C. Swift
John C Swift and Dandy Dan

John C. Swift and Dandy Dan


Click here to read about Dandy Dan as written by John's daughter, Martina Swift Bailey in her memoirs.

Teresa Wright Rimmer
Teresa Wright Rimmer, mother of Mary C. Rimmer. She emigrated from Brewood (Staffordshire) England with her husband and three small children (including Mary C.) in 1850. Many years later, after they were married, John C. and Mary C. discovered that they had crossed the Atlantic on the same ship, the Great Western.
Patrick Malone
Patrick Malone. He married Mary Connell, first cousin to John C. Swift. (She was a daughter of Patrick Connell and Mary Hines.) They had two sons - William and James.
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